Solar Power Adelaide by Now Energy.

A system that covers your bill & not just your roof.

A Now Energy consultant will spend the time with each individual client to tailor a system for a specific need.

An investment in solar is a significant one & must be backed up by real return on investment figures.

Class leading product from bankable suppliers.

Now Energy only supplies products that are backed by serious companies, we offer products from Tier 1 global players that are here to stay.

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Solar power—what are you buying.

The installation of a good quality solar power system will reduce your reliance on fossil fuels & will save you enormously versus buying electricity from the grid.

Unfortunately a bad choice of company &/ or products can turn a great decision into a nightmare.

Things we think you should be aware of.

All solar modules will gradually degrade over the life of any solar installation!
Generally solar modules will offer a performance warranty of 25 years. What most people don’t publish, is that the 25yr performance warranty is at 80% of it’s original performance & as little as 90% from day 1.

A good solar company will offer;

Most warranty failures of solar power systems in Australia to date have been related to poor quality inverters!
Australia has seen an influx of poor quality inverters over recent years, this was due to an influx of global demand & lack of quality manufacturers ability to supply. The inverter represents over 30% of the overall product cost of a solar power system generally & only usually carry a warranty of between 5 & 10yrs. .

A good solar company will offer;
ROI for a solar power system can be in as little as 3yrs!

An investment in a solar power system is an attractive one, coupled with ever increasing energy prices the investment is only looking better.

Is a quick ROI enough of a reason to buy solar? We say no, after all would you buy any other investment to just get your money back?

A good solar investment will offer guaranteed returns well past it’s initial ROI.

A cheap solar power system may reduce the value of your property!

Many people opt for a solar purchase based purely on price as they are thinking of moving in less than 10yrs. Whilst on face value this seems likely a practical decision, the risk is whether the system will last long enough to add value to the home.

Would you pay more or less for a house with a broken solar power system, that needs to be removed or replaced?


1 We Handle the whole process

Now Energy will take responsibility for your entire solar project, our team will take care of all relevant applications & we will ensure that your system complies with all standards. We are registered warranty agents for all product that is installed by us, because we know how frustrating it can be to get referred to a 3rd party when something goes wrong.

2. Guaranteed Performance

The solar modules that we install are all covered by a linear performance warranty. All solar panels degrade over time, the benefit of a linear warranty is that you are covered by a maximum degradation rate every year for 25 years.

3. 100% Fixed Price Quotes.

When you get a price from Now Energy we stick by it. We offer 100% Fixed Price Quotes for all solar installations. If we don’t get it right on the quote, it shouldn’t be your responsibility. At Now Energy you can arrange a fixed price solar quote onsite & online.

4. Iphone & Android System Monitoring.

All Now Energy Systems come with monitoring options for your PC &/or Smartphone device. For commercial & utility grade systems, we also offer 24/7 system monitoring via at a state of the art O&M facility in Europe.


5. Attractive Finance Options.

Our range of finance options make going solar easy, we offer no deposit options for residential & commercial customers at attractive rates. By splitting your solar purchase over convenient monthly payments, you are able to pay off your investment with the help of your immediate energy cost savings.

6.Preventative Maintanance Plan.

As with all investments, down time costs money. At Now Energy we offer several convenient preventative maintenance options for small residential systems, right through to utility scale EPC projects.